Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gabe and Molly {engagement pictures}

My baby brother Gabe just got engaged. We got to meet Molly last week and LOVE her! They make a great couple and I am so excited for them. I got to take their engagement pictures while she was visiting. Gabe is spending the summer here doing an internship at the state supreme court so they won’t be together until just before they get married. I’ve decided I love taking engaged couples pictures, they are just so happy and so in love and fun to photograph. I’m putting my favorites here so Molly can see them while she waits to get her disc in the mail with all them images. We had a lot of fun. It was great to spend time with Molly and Gabe. Hope these tide you over Molly!gabe molly-7-2gabe molly-10 gabe molly-7

gabe molly-24

gabe molly-19 gabe molly-16-3 gabe molly-17-3gabe molly-10-2gabe molly-27-2gabe molly-28-2gabe molly-29gabe molly-2gabe molly-7-3

gabe molly-6-3

This is their “Zoolander Pose”

It was fun ya’ll! Thanks for letting me take these special pictures, can’t wait for your wedding day!


Andrea said...

Very fun pictures. I am so excited for them.

Melinda Tere said...

OH I love them, fantastic pictures :) I am so happy for Molly and Gabe!!!

-Melinda (Molly's baby sister)

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