Monday, April 30, 2012


We have been blessed with lots of good friends here in Arkansas. Some of our favorite friends are moving away soon. We just have a few weeks left with them so we are trying to take advantage and do lots of fun things together before they are gone.

Matthew and Isaac are best buddies. Isaac is moving in a month and we don’t know what we are going to do without our friends, the Swenson’s here. Just about everyday Matthew if Isaac can come over in play, it is always an exciting day when he gets to come play with Matthew.



DSC_2019_0237  DSC_2022_0240

They were doing their superhero poses, I can’t remember which ones they were though.




Averi and Tessa are finally enjoying each other. Averi used to scare Tessa, she has a tendency to seek weakness in others and exploits it. Tessa has learned to not let Averi push her around and now they love to play together. They get a little crazy together sometimes and it is so cute to me to see them enjoying each others company.



They love to play dress up together


They get a little wild in nursery together.

Andrea has been a  great friend to me. We just clicked, you know you just hit it off with some people, that was us. We both have 4 kids and most of them are the same age. We love photography, she has taught me a lot and taken wonderful pictures of my family. We like to read the same books and love the same music. We love blogging and crafting and going to concerts together... I am sad that my friend won’t be with me in Arkansas anymore. It won’t be the same without them here.


at Kenny Chesney April 2011


at Breaking Dawn in November (with Leslie who is also moving!)


Before Hunger Games in the shirts I made.

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Andrea said...

Awe. Great pictures of the kids. They are great friends, and you have been a great friend to me. I will miss you all. I can't believe we are really leaving. It is so sad. I am grateful we have internet, cellphones, and FB to keep in touch. Too bad the kids don't have FB.

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