Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oscar & Tara Engagement/Family Session {Benton, Arkansas Photographer}

My older brother Oscar is getting married in June! We are so excited to have Tara joining our family. She asked if I would take some engagement {and family} pictures for them. I was happy to oblige!! 

I set Oscar & Tara up back in September. It was kind of funny to call her and see if she would want to go out with my brother {kinda felt like high school or something}.  I decided if I could choose his wife {this time} I’d choose someone I liked and got along with. Well they hit it off and the rest is history! She is so much fun and so good with the kids. Ada Belle & Oscar adore her. We are all so excited to have another sister {who likes doing crafty things} joining our family! Here are just some of the pictures I took of them. These are my favorites.

Os Tara-3 burn

Os Tara-15

Os Tara-22

Os Tara-30 boostOs Tara-14 soft burn

Os Tara-18 soft

Os Tara-20 boost

Os Tara-24 freshOs Tara-27 bw

Os Tara-31 boost

Os Tara-32 crop boost

Os Tara-34

Os Tara-8 Os Tara-10 lovely

There was this awesome tree with a huge low branch that we had to take a couple of pictures on!


Oscar is still a kid at heart!

Thanks Oscar & Tara for letting me take your pictures! It was so much fun!!


jennifer rogers said...

the second picture is my favorite one!

Jennifer said...


These are sooo cute! I'm so happy for them. you are a great cupid! AND, an excellent photographer, holy cow! They look sooo pro!!!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Beautiful! You are amazing miss crafty!~

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