Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thomas {2nd} Lost Tooth

Our kids are really slow to get teeth and to lose teeth. Thomas lost his first tooth right around his 7th birthday and I never got a picture {bad mom!}  Monday night he was eating ice cream and his loose tooth just feel out. He was so excited because he knew that he would get $ from the tooth fairy. I grabbed him and took a few pictures right away to capture the moment. The crazy thing is that he had a new tooth that grew in already behind the one he lost. It is all kinds of crooked. I’m afraid he is going to take after his dad {who had braces 3 times} and have to get braces!


Thomas has the most amazing eyes & eyelashes…


See that new crooked tooth back there, I guess we need to start saving for braces!


He put his tooth in a Ziploc baggie so the tooth fairy could easily find it. He was excited to find $3 under his pillow the next morning. How much $ does the tooth fairy leave your kids?

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