Monday, March 19, 2012


Seriously March is almost over? Sorry for the lack of posts for those that read my blog. I just haven’t been making the time to blog and I need to be better! Soccer is in fully swing for us right now. Matthew & Kaylee are on the same team and Jim is their coach. They are finally starting to enjoy playing in the games. They practice once a week for an hour.


Kaylee was most excited about the {new} pink soccer shorts and socks and new soccer shoes, she is a girl!




The first game, was a little bad, Kaylee didn’t want to play, she was too cold and Matthew got tired after a few minutes of running! {it was at 8:00 am on a Saturday!} Luckily they have improved with each game. Kaylee still doesn’t like the blue uniforms because blue is NOT her favorite color! But they will both paly for their quarters and they are having fun!



Kaylee loves playing with the other girl on our team.


Matthew scores 1-2 goals each game.


Thomas is on the same team and is playing better this season. He loves to play defense and has a good understanding of protecting his goal.




Averi runs around most of the game and always has to get a ring pop from the concession stand. She usually runs onto the field about 20 times, usually when I am taking pictures!


During Thomas’s game Matthew and his buddy play with our phones and relax. They have gotten to be good friends last season and this season.

Jim and I love the beautiful weather we are able to enjoy during Saturday soccer games. It is also nice to get to know more people in our area {outside of church}. The kids love having new friends and playing in the games. They also look forward to the snacks each game!

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