Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surprise Pam!

We had a surprise baby shower for Pam while Trish & Jen were visiting from Utah for Thanksgiving. We had been planning her surprise baby shower for a few months. Our original plan was to have it at our favorite sushi place Gina’s; but we found out the week before that they would be closing for good and we couldn’t have it there. We decided to have it at Las Palmas instead and it was so much fun and really nice and a lot closer. Pam thought we were just having a Girls dinner with mom so she wasn’t suspicious at all. Since it is her 3rd girl she didn’t really feel like she needed a shower but it is always fun to celebrate a new baby!


We kept it small with close friends and family, there wasn’t room for anyone else.


She was very surprised and it was so much fun! Totally the way to host a shower-at a restaurant so you don’t have to spend all day cleaning and cooking.


Kristin, Pam & Clare


Me & Trish


Pam & JP-they wanted heads only since they are both big and pregnant.


The Bailey Women (Allison is holding the yummy rolo cupcakes that I made. I can’t believe I forgot to get pictures of them! They were sooo good and I made cute little tags for them!)


The DeVaux Girls

It was a fun shower, I am so glad we surprised her. We are all so excited to meet Miss Ellie Harper!

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