Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DeVaux Family Pictures

We haven’t all been together since before Gabe’s mission so we had to get family pictures when everyone was home for Thanksgiving. Jeff Kump (our cousin Marcie’s hubby) took them for us. Dad also set up his tripod to get some too. They turned out pretty good. It is hard to get a great picture with so many kids. We decided to just go with 4 colors for everyone to choose from and I LOVE how it looks. Here are a couple of the best.

devaux fam pix_edited- burn1_edited-1

edge burn fam


All the Grandkids

8x10 siblings

The kids: Gabe, Jenny, Pam, Trish, Marji & Oscar




Brothers: Gabe & Oscar

os tara

Oscar & Tara (I set them up Smile)

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