Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thomas and Matthew LOVE Legos. Their favorite ones are the Star Wars ones. They will sit and play with their LEGOs for hours!! It is one of the things that they do together and there isn’t too much fighting with it.DSC_0004
Matthew loves the Clone Trooper men. He will come and ask to play with his “strangers” (he calls them that because that is what they are called on the Wii games.)
Thomas is great at building things. He likes to follow the plans. I used to have to help him build his things but now he can do it on his own. He is also good at building things with his imagination. I always have to check the floor before I vacuum to make sure there aren’t any pieces on the floor. I don’t like the little pieces everywhere, but it is worth it though to see my boys doing something fun and creative together.  

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