Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kaylee & Matthew’s First Day!

Kaylee & Matthew started MDO yesterday. They are going twice a week from 9:30-2:30. They have been dying to start school and were so excited. They carried their lunchboxes around all morning till we left.


Kaylee, the picture is a little washed out. She picked out her outfit at old navy. She looked really cute and was so excited. They have to wear tennis shoes because the playground is gravel. I need to get her some cuter shoes.


Matthew was doing ninja poses the whole time. He wouldn’t stand still for me. He picked his shirt out at Target, he calls it a Hawaii shirt.


They were so excited to leave that we got to the school a little early and had to wait for the doors to open.


Here they are with their teacher Mrs. Melissa. They didn’t want to look at me because they were so interested in what was going on in the classroom! Mrs. Melissa is very nice and they are so excited to be in her class.


There were matchbox cars and ramps set up. Matthew ran right over to them and started playing. (sorry it is blurry!)


Kaylee made a beeline for the play dough.

kaylee playdough

I said bye to them and they didn’t even acknowledge me. Averi screamed and did not want to leave! She was so sad that she didn’t get to stay with them.  They were so excited when I picked them up and had a great day. I think it is good thing for them and me!


Michelle said...

How fun for them! That is great! What does MDO stand for? (I feel ignorant for having to ask . . .I've lived here 7 years, you'd think I'd know. :)
They are both so cute. I loved seeing them again this past Sunday when I played the piano in Primary.

Andrea said...

They look so cute. I am glad they did so well. It will be so nice for you to have some time with Averi.

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