Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun Times

Fall is almost here in Arkansas. We’ve had a break in the heat this week and have had some beautiful weather! We had to take advantage of the nice weather and played outside with our friends after story time at the library. These 3 boys have so much fun together. They are best buddies. The last time the 3 of them played Matthew and Grayson fought a lot. This time they all got along and had so much fun together today.
boys jumping
I wish I had gotten Matthew’s face in this picture, he had a huge smile on his face. I am so glad he has such good friends and that they love to wrestle and play ninja with him. Every little boy needs some good rough and tumble friends. He is lucky to have 2 of them.
Averi loves popsicles. She will just hold the popsicle in her hand (out of the plastic)
averi pop
Tessa was very excited about the popsicle too. Do you like the dried mac & cheese on her face?
They had fun playing in the wagon together. Averi likes having a friend and has finally learned to not beat Tessa up.
Almost every morning Averi comes into my bathroom while I am getting ready and chooses some polish for her “piggies.” I love how cute her little toes look painted.
averi piggies
Averi loves the slide, she has learned how to climb up the rock climbing wall. She is growing up too fast trying to keep up with the big kids!
averi slide
Kaylee and Livy stayed busy playing with the balls in the playhouse.
Livy loves playing outside and spends a lot of time there when she comes over. The kids all love to climb up the slide, it is the preferred way to get up top. I rarely see the kids use the ladder. 


Michelle said...

That's awesome. It is really nice that there are several the same age and gender right now in the ward. I wish it had been more like that when Hummer was that young. . . .:)
Looks like it was such a fun day! We are LOVING this weather, too.

Andrea said...

Oh so fun to see what my kiddos did while I was gone. Thanks again. P.S. Love the dried mac n cheese.

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