Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lake DeGray

When Trish was in town the last week of July, we all went to lake DeGray. I haven’t been there in probably ten years. We went on a Wednesday and had the beach to ourselves. The kids had so much fun with all of their cousins. We brought picnic lunches so we stayed for a few hours. After the fun at the lake we all went back to Grandma’s house for a little while. It is always a fun day when we get to spend it with cousins and Grandma!  Here’s a few pictures from the day.



averi float





Nicole said...

How fun, great pictures!!!

Andrea said...

I love that you live by your family! I'm a little bit jealous!

Thanks for the tip - I'm a big time technophobe so it sounds complicated but I'm going to try it - it can't be worse than spending more than an hour trying to make my pictures work on that last post.

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