Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Kaylee & Matthew!

I can’t believe that Kaylee and Matthew are 4 years old today! It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital with them. It is hard to believe they were ever this small. If you want to read about their birth go here.

I love this picture of them sleeping cuddled together in the bassinet.

The first few months with them were a blur, I’m glad I have lots of pictures to remember how sweet and little they were.

We went and did a little photo shoot last week.  It was hotter than hades and we were out before 9 in the morning. They never really cooperate for me when I take their pictures.  I ended up with a few good shots though. We were all hot and sweaty by the time we finished. I’m ready for some cooler weather!


Kaylee had a hard time making a 4, I thought it was cute anyway.


They really have fun together and are starting to understand what it means to be twins.

m and k

kaylee tree

Kaylee does not like to be told what to do, EVER! I tried posing her a couple of times, but she really wanted to stand by this tree. It wasn’t worth it to fight with her because she wouldn’t smile or do what I wanted her too. I love how it turned out.

kaylee tree 2 burn

kaylee 2

matt lake

Matthew is a little monkey when I try to take his picture, he likes to do ninja moves or cover his face up. I got a couple of good shots though.

matt rock


Here’s on of his silly poses.

matt close

He was ready to be done at this point!

mk 4th birthday blog

Here’s the invite for their party (minus the party details). Simple and easy, but the pictures make it.

Kaylee and Matthew we are so blessed that you are a part of our family. We love you and love the joy and fun you bring to our family!


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

L-O-V-E the pictures they really did turn out sooo adorable! They were soo tiny and precious as babies...time flies way too fast in the never ending world of our growing children...You are such a great mom! See you on Friday, again PLEASE let me know if I can bring anything or help you in any way, I am HAPPY to help!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to Kaylee and Matthew! Those pictures turned out so good! They are so cute and growing so fast, it's amazing to look at pictures of the kids when they were smaller and see how big they have gotten.

Michelle said...

I loved seeing their baby pictures. I'm proud that I can tell them apart even in the one close up of their faces (with no help from colored blankets! :).
Hope y'all have a wonderful time celebrating.

Lindsey said...

Their birth pictures brought tears to my eyes. What little miracles! Congratulations.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

I can't believe they are 4! I forgot how little they were and how big they are now.

Melanie said...

I love those pictures, the first one with you and Jim is priceless. You did a great job with the 4-yr-old ones!

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