Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Alpine Slide

Back to the Utah trip, I still have a few more days to blog about.  On Thursday we did the Alpine Slide in Park City. We got Mike, Dawn, Derrick & Maddy to go with us so Thomas would have someone to  go down with. Dawn stayed at the bottom with Averi who was napping in her stroller. I just used my iPhone for pictures. I was scared I’d drop my nice camera on the chair lift.
Matthew liked the chair lift, but said it was a little scary. We agreed with him. I have a slight fear of heights and it is a little freaky to have your kids so high with you. Jim and I kept a tight hold on Kaylee & Matthew.
Thomas rode up with Mike, Derrick & Maddy.
We enjoyed the beautiful ride up the mountain. Utah is so pretty and I love the mountains. It was a beautiful day as well!
Jim did video while he and Matthew went down, but I won’t bore you with that!  We had a lot of fun doing the alpine slide. After we finished we headed out to the cabin to join all the Anderson’s.

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