Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Cabin

The “Cabin” has been in the family since the 1920’s. Jim’s mom grew up going there every summer. It has slowly been added to over the years. Jim and his family went every summer growing up so he has lots of fun memories of the place. A couple of years ago a tree fell on it during a heavy snow storm. Jim’s Uncle Ron and a lot of other family members have worked hard to repair the cabin and even make it a little better.

(Spencer Hale took this picture)

Jim and I haven’t been to the cabin since we’ve had kids. Our kids were so excited to get there. I was kind of dreading the cabin. Our last visit everyone got really sick, it was super hot and pretty miserable. I put on my game face though and didn’t complain. It helped that we stayed in the condo in Park City until Saturday; so I got to go and sleep in a nice bed and had a shower that works really good! Jim and I talked and decided we needed to do whatever we could to make sure our kids had a fun time. That meant not a lot of down time or relaxing for us, but our kids had a BLAST!


Kaylee loved picking the wild flowers.


Thomas trying out the airsoft gun. He really wanted to play with the big guys, but he couldn’t get them to promise not to shoot him so he was content to watch and cheer on Jim.


All the guys ready for Airsoft!


Roman going over the rules and boundaries for the game.


Grandma Anderson had the freezer stocked with plenty of popsicles.


Uncle Jake made walking sticks for the kids. Thomas loved his!


We took lots of walks to the fishing pond.DSC_0054


Saturday we rented a bunch of ATV’s for the day. I only got a picture of Matthew on one. Jim and I took turns going out. It was a lot of fun. I went out with Emilee for a while and we went all the way to the top of a mountain. She drove up and I drove down, it was pretty crazy and fun!




Poor little Averi got pretty dirty at the cabin! She loved it though.


Don’t look too close, you’ll se how dirty and dusty we are from riding ATV’s.


The kids were excited for the campfire and s’mores.




A full living room-our 3 older kids slept on the air mattress together. I think someone ended up in bed with use each night!


Crysta said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of Kaylee picking flowers, so sweet!

Melanie said...

Ah, what a great recap. Thanks so much for putting on your game face Marji! I should have done better at that, it seemed so hard with so many people but looking back at it all and seeing your pictures I just remember that it was a lot of fun! I think all the kids had an absolute blast and THAT is what it's all about!!!

Andrea said...

What a good sport you are. It looks like your kids had a blast.

Nicole said...

sounds like a fun time! Love all the pictures,how fun!

Carolee said...

Loved all your pics, Marji! So glad you guys had a good time and we all survived!!

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