Monday, July 11, 2011

Utah Road Trip

We have been planning a trip to Utah for a few months. All of Jim’s family planned a trip to the family cabin so we got to meet up with them.  We drove because we couldn’t afford to buy 5 plane tickets and rent a car for a week  and a half. The kids have been so excited for this trip. In the weeks leading up to it they would ask when we were leaving for Utah. We were going to leave on Friday morning but I got everything ready to go and we decided to leave on Thursday (June 23) night around 8. We decided to drive all night and not stop. The kids were excited to get on the road. They all fell asleep around 11 and slept pretty good. There was a time that Averi was up and fussy but she finally fell asleep. Jim did most of the driving. He popped peanut M&M’s to stay awake and would wake me up if he started to get to tired. We pulled in to Tucumcari, New Mexico around 5:30 am.  We found a Denny’s at a truck stop and had breakfast there. I used my IPhone to take pictures on pit stops, you really don’t want to see better pictures of us after being in the car for so long!



Kaylee is a very well prepared little girl. The kids all packed their own backpacks with some of their favorite things for the car. Part way through the trip on Friday, Kaylee is changing her shirt. The one she was wearing was dirty and she had packed a change of clothes and about 20 pairs of panties in her backpack!IMG_0228

We had a late lunch somewhere in Colorado (I think) at burger king.


We were excited to get to Utah even though we still had several hours left to drive. We got to Trish’s place in Pleasant Grove around 9 that night. The last hour seemed the longest of the day. Averi was so tired of being in the car, she just wanted out! They ran around a lot once we got to Trish’s place and were excited to see Gabby.


So I am sure you are wondering how we survived that long in the car with 4 kids under 6… This was our “secret weapon” for the 24+ hour car ride. We bought two Nintendo DS’s for the kids. It was really nice because we didn’t let them play then until we were in the car (one reason they were so excited to get on the road!) We had 2 DVD players that we rotated around. Jim and I listened to a book on tape and I had my Kindle. We had my IPhone for games as well, my kids are addicted to Angry Birds! I also had a handful of new activities for the kids to break up the monotony. I had a container full of treats. One thing my kids loved was the flavor mixes that you dump in bottled water. I bought a lot of waters and just had them in the car (under Matthew’s feet). They were all sugar free so it is better and cheaper than soda!.The trip went a lot better than I expected. I was really dreading the drive and it was semi-enjoyable. (more posts coming later-Stay Tuned!)


Crysta said...

Averi is getting so big!! So smart, the flavored mixes for water :) We would have never been able to drive to Idaho without the DVD players!

Melanie said...

Truly is amazing how well the drive to Utah went! It sounds like it was because you were so prepared!!!

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