Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travelers Game

Micha got tickets for us all to go to a Travelers game from his work.  They were giving away free jerseys for the kids the night we went. They were all excited to put them on, it didn’t last long because it was so HOT!! We ate dinner there, pizza, hot dogs and chicken. 

ball game



Here’s the crew. Our seats were in the sun and it was really hot.

jim thomas

Thomas was really trying to figure  out the game.


We had to get cotton candy for the kids, I enjoyed it too.


Isn’t Maddy a pretty girl?


Our seats were really good, even though we were in the sun. We didn’t last very long at the game. Averi wanted to play on the stairs and we were all super hot; so we left during the 2nd inning. Next time we go we’ll leave the kids at home. We did get to cross it off of our summer fun list and I probably won’t put it on next years!


Andrea said...

I love the jerseys. Great picture.

Cathy said...

Your pics are looking GORGEOUS!

Kricia Palmer said...

Great pics! It's great to meet a fellow Arkansan via blogging...

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