Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Provo & BYU Campus

Saturday morning we headed to our old Alma Mater & stomping grounds. We were excited to see campus. It is a lot different than when we were there (12 years ago) but it is still fun to see! We walked around campus a little bit then when to the Bookstore to load up on our BYU t-shirts and goodies (like the yummy fudge).

all kids 2 

The kids had fun in the sculpture garden,they really liked the big rock.

all kids


I really like this picture of Averi, even though she has a dirty face and crusty nose! I love her eyes.


We had to get a picture with Brother Brigham

gabby and trish

Trish and Gabby, aren’t they pretty? She’s single you know…

me and kids

Me with 3 of the monkeys,  Thomas was picking out his t-shirt in the bookstore with Jim.

me trish gabby

Gabby wanted to be in our “sister’s picture.”

me jim

brick oven

After touring campus, we had to go to Brick Oven Pizza. Kaylee loved the old fashioned barber’s chair.  The pizza was as good as I remembered. One of the young men from our ward just started at BYU for summer so he came to lunch with us. It was fun to see him and feed him!


We had to go to the BYU creamery for ice cream, even though we were pretty full from pizza.  The kids loved the ice cream. We saw Elder Scott there, which was pretty cool, we let him eat his ice cream in peace and didn’t bother him.

kaylee icecream


After the creamery we headed down to the Legend’s grill where there is a ton of BYU Sports memorabilia. The kids had fun running up and down the 3 different levels and Jim and I liked seeing all the sports things from BYU’s past. This is Thomas standing in front of Shawn Bradley’s silhouette.


We had to get of picture of Averi with the Cougar.

We went back to Trish’s and Jim and Averi took a nap. Trish and I took the kids swimming. Trish made us a yummy chicken shis-kabob dinner.

We went to church with her on Sunday. She made us a yummy lunch, pasta carbonara.  Her old roomie, Jessica, whom I worked with, came for lunch and to visit. It was fun to catch up with her. After that we headed to Jen & David’s for dinner and cousin playtime. I didn’t pull out my camera so I don’t have pictures of us there Sad smile. Jen made the pioneer woman’s chicken tacos and they were so good!  After we wore the kids out we headed to Park City to stay in the condo with Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.


Andrea said...

What a fun walk down memory lane. Haven't been to brick oven yet. I can't wait.

Jillayne said...

Tell Trish I have an awesome guy out here in Philly (obviously, he's single...) ;)

I love keeping up with your family although you were out of the ward when I finally came in.

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