Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break-Hot Springs

We’ve had a fun and busy week for spring break. We went to Hot Springs on Tuesday and had lunch at Entergy park then went to Garvan Gardens with Grandma DeVaux and some friends. thomas

I’m branching out more with my camera and shooting in manual mode more often (Thanks for your coaching Andrea!). I love when I get a great shot like this one of Thomas. He is such a cute kid!

DSC_0107 cropped

The kids all loved this rock, of course I couldn’t get them to all look at me at the same time!


This was also a big hit with the older kids. Kennedy is a monkey and loved climbing on it!


Happy Grayson and Pouting Grayson



Matthew had a fight with the stool, and the stool won. He was trying to climb up on a stool at our house and it fell and landed on his eye. He’s got quite the shiner!


Usually Averi is the one hugging on Tessa and Tessa gets upset, this time Averi did not want Tessa to hug her!


I love these two little girls. Poor Averi looks extra bald next to Tessa and all of her hair. Averi’s hair is coming in, just very slowly! Averi loves Tessa. I’m glad she has a little buddy.


The kids got a scavenger hunt bingo at Garvin Gardens, a nice idea, but a big pain when the adults are outnumbered, they all ended up in the bottom of the stroller.


Our big train of kids, strollers & moms


Here’s a better shot of Matthew’s shiner.



Leslie was great about getting Tessa & Averi out of their strollers while we took pictures. They loved the fish!



The tulips were blooming and so pretty. Averi was very interested in them. I tried to get a picture of my kids…


Andrea said she got a good shot of my four monkeys who won’t take a good picture for their mom!


Kaylee always says, “Livy is my Best cousin and my Best Friend!”


Pam & her girls


This is the kids favorite part of Garvan Gardens, the kids outdoor play area. It is all made of “natural” things. A cave through the waterfall that they can climb up, huge rocks and boulders and cool bridges. The kids all had a blast exploring this area.


Averi just wanted to play in the stream!

DSC_0295  DSC_0300

Pretty Maddy and Kaylee walking with Grandma DeVaux


Matthew had so much fun, look how dirty he is!


Livy won’t look at the camera for anything!


The peacock was showing off his feathers for the kids.


The kids all loved seeing the peacock with his feathers spread out.


Averi was pooped and she just rode in the stroller most of the time. After we were done at Garvan Gardens we went back to Grandma’s house for some lemonade and snacks. The kids loved having their friends at Grandma DeVaux’s house! It was a fun and exhausting day!


Jen T. said...

Wow Averi really is a baldy, huh?! Such cute pictures. So sad that I thought it was weird to see capris and sandals in March...I've been in Utah for way too long!:)

Nicole said...

What great pictures! Looks and sounds like so much fun, glad you had a great spring break.

Andrea said...

That was a great day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Carolee said...

What a great park! Looks like so much fun. Glad you did some fun things during Spring Break!

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