Friday, April 8, 2011

Kenny Chesney Concert

So Kenny Chesney is my favorite performer. I LOVE him…(Jim is well aware of this and teases me a lot about it.) I first saw him a few years ago with Brandy, she won tickets from a radio station and we went and I was in love…He was just getting big then and it was at the Smirnoff in downtown Dallas by the fairgrounds. We had so much fun at that concert.  The next time we saw him he was at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco and it was HOT!!! We sweated buckets, but it was worth it.


We sat on the side that the sun was facing us so we were dying until the sun set. Once it set and Kenny came on stage we were much happier!


We look a lot younger in this picture…twins really age you!

A few years went by before we got to see him again. We were pregnant with twins or nursing twins or the concerts fell on Sunday. Ann joined us this time and it was CRAZY how much it was raining, but they didn’t cancel the concert so we braved the weather in our ponchos. We watched Lady Antebellum from the covered standing room only area then sat in the rain for Miranda Lambert. When Kenny came out it was raining a little less and we thought it might stop, but it just kept on raining so we just embraced it. Our ponchos did little to keep the rain out.


Kenny Concert May 2009

Kenny performed about half of his numbers then the rain was coming down so hard they had to call the show. The lightening was crazy and it was a little dangerous.



Because Kenny is just awesome he did a make-up concert a few weeks later. It was 3 hours of all Kenny. It was fun and amazing!

Kenny took last year off so we were determined to see him this year. The weekend he was in Dallas didn’t work for me so Brandy flew here to see him in Little Rock.


We had dinner at Juanita’s before the concert…not the best dining experience but we had fun. Leslie joined us for dinner.


Being the big Kenny nerd that I am I joined the fan club so we could get better seats and it was totally worth it. We were on the 9th row on the side… the seats were AWESOME! Best seats I’ve ever had at a concert. Uncle Kracker opened for him, he was all right. Billy Currington also opened and he was a lot of fun. I really like his music.



I sang and screamed so much I lost my voice for a few days. (I think I was worn down from the week because Kaylee had surgery and we spent a  few nights in the hospital. She is doing great now!) It was fun to have Pam and Andrea at the concert with me and Brandy. Thanks Kenny for being a great entertainer! As long as Kenny keeps putting on concerts, Brandy and I will keep going to them!


Andrea said...

Oh My!! I want to do it again. Maybe we could become groupies and just follow him around. Too bad him and Jason just don't team up so it would be easier.

Carolee said...

Wow, you are amazing fans! Glad you had so much fun and were able to go, even though it was so close to Kaylee's surgery!

Angela said...

I have the exact tank and gray sweater from Target! Glad we still think alike. I miss you!

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