Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girls Weekend!


I had a trip planned to go to Dallas in January to visit Brandy that I canceled because there was some stuff going on with my family and I felt like I needed to be here. So I needed to make up my weekend getaway to celebrate weaning Averi and Southwest didn’t’ have any good deals so I talked to Pam, Andrea & Leslie to see if they would be up for a little road trip. They were of course ready for anything; so we headed out Friday after the guys got home from work. Don’t Andrea and I look cute in our matching shirts?  We both laughed when we saw we were dressed the same. We had a fun drive to Sachse. It went by so fast with no kids that had to go potty or diapers to change and lots of talking and laughing. We got to Brandy’s house then stayed up too late talking with her. We headed out at 9 the next morning for a full day of shopping! We hit Ikea then had lunch at Abuelo’s. We headed over to Sam Moon then the Allen Outlets. We made a pit stop at Brandy’s and then finished up shopping at Firewheel Mall and had a yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant with some of my old friends. We stayed up late talking again on Saturday night and headed home Sunday morning. My S-I joint got out of whack sometime during the trip so I was in a lot of pain on the ride home. Luckily I got it popped back in on Sunday (Thanks Jonathon!) and after a couple days of rest (thanks Jim & Andrea) and muscle relaxers I feel better now! I guess I’m not used to a FULL day of shopping like that anymore!

abuelos 2

Lunch at Abuelo’s- Brandy, Pam and Leslie (I took these off Pam’s blog)


Marcie, Me and Andrea

It was fun to be able to see our cousin Marcie and to see some of my old friends from Sachse. It is great that even though we hadn’t been together in a long time, you can just pick up and have fun together. I loved how my “new” friends and “old” friends got along so well! Thanks for your hospitality Brandy! It was so much fun seeing you and I can’t wait for your trip here to see Kenny!


Carolee said...

So fun! Glad you got to make up your girls trip. I like to celebrate when my babies are weaned, too!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

I was great to see you!

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