Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Party

Pam & Micha hosted a little Super Bowl party on Sunday. They made some yummy steak, chicken and shrimp fajitas and everyone brought something to share. The food was all so good! I ate way too much!


Leslie’s birthday was Saturday so we had to embarrass her and make her blow out candles on the cake!


The kids were all excited to see the candles and to sing.


Matthew & Isaac playing with the Jack in the box.


Andrea was helping me with manual mode on my camera. These shots are kind of cool, kids move so fast!



Tessa and Pam


Micha…our humble host


Andrea, Me, & Leslie


Pam & Jasmine and Livy


All the girls just sat around and talked during the game. It is so fun to have such great girlfriends!


The kids played in the bedrooms. Thomas and Jex (we didn’t get a picture of them) played Wii the whole time in Maddy’s room.

Thanks for hosting such a fun night Pam & Micha!


Baileys said...

I am glad y'all are finally able to be part of our FANTASTIC parties :)

April E. :) said...

hey there, I didn't know how else to reach you to answer your Silhouette Question, I saved my pictures as a .jpeg file. At first I had trouble with the double line too...and I can't for the life of me remember what I did to fix it. Sorry...if I figure it out I will DEF let you know!

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