Monday, February 7, 2011

A Random Sampling



I love that Matthew and Kaylee are such good little buddies. They usually get along really well and watch out for each other. I thought they looked so cute sitting here watching a show together. Now that they are 3 1/2 it is much easier to have twins!


Poor little Averi loves to play outside with the “Big” kids. She gets so mad when they all get on the trampoline and she doesn’t get to get on it. It is hard being the baby of the family.


A Fun craft idea


I  saw an idea similar to this on a blog…I can’t remember which one, I look at way too many! The foam Love is from the dollar spot at Target. I had the frame in my stash…I got it from Michael’s a few years ago. I stamped the heart (Stampin’ UP!) on a tag and printed the words on some paper, cut it out and stuck it in the frame. I love how it turned out and it took about 5 minutes to make!

A Kaylee Funny


Jim has Young Men every Wednesday night. This past week we had a little popcorn party while we watched Minute to Win It. After I got the kids to bed I noticed Kaylee had set up her dolls and animals on the couch so I thought I’d take a picture, then I noticed one baby had popcorn in its mouth…she is going to be a great Mommy someday because she already takes good care of her baby dolls.

Another Snow Day!

Friday snow was forecasted, but it wasn’t snowing much in the morning so school wasn’t canceled. Around 8:40 I get a text that schools are closing at 9:00…I hurry and get the kids dressed and jump in the van and go get Thomas. It was snowing pretty good and sticking to the roads. I talked Jim into coming home so we wouldn’t get stuck at work.


We pulled out the play dough and the kids played with it for about an hour. Averi loves to sit at the table and be a BIG girl!


Thomas had fun coloring with Markers. When I picked him up from school he was sad because he didn’t get to eat lunch there!


I love when Jim grabs the camera and gets pictures of me with the kids (even though I had NO make up on!)

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