Thursday, February 24, 2011

The LAST Snow day

We have gotten a lot of snow in Arkansas this year. Thomas has missed 6 days from school because of snow. I think spring is on the way so we shouldn’t have any more snow days! These last ones were kind of hard because I was sick with strep. It was nice because Jim was home with the kids to help take care of me and the kids. I took lots of naps and just laid around. 

We put a bowl out for snow ice cream before it started to snow. The kids LOVED it. It was pretty yummy!


Averi was a big fan of it.

DSC_0010  DSC_0011DSC_0012

We never measured the snow, but it was about 6-8 inches.


Doesn’t Jim look good in those sunglasses? His were buried in his car so he wore a pair of mine.


Matthew had a lot of fun in the snow!


Since I was under the weather, I didn’t get lots of pictures of the kids in the snow. I am glad that spring is on the way. I prefer thunderstorms to snow storms!

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Carolee said...

Wow, Jim's lookin' so sassy! I love the pic of Matthew! And Tell me about your snow ice cream? Sorry to hear you were sick, Marji. I'm so glad Jim could take some time off to take care of you. It's so hard to be sick when you are the mom! Hope you are feeling better.
-Carolee =)

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