Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow in January!

We got snow on January 9. The kids were so excited about it they had to go out right when it started to stick a little bit! There are 3 days of pictures so get ready!


Kaylee and Matthew loved it!


Kaylee had to jump on the trampoline in the snow.


Averi liked the snow too.


Matthew didn’t want to be in the picture.


Averi and Daddy

Here’s Monday’s pictures, we had about 6 inches of snow. Poor Averi couldn’t walk it, she would fall and start crying. She didn’t like it much!


Since we were stuck in all day for the snow day I decided to make cinnamon rolls and that is what we had for dinner (with a veggie chili).


Tuesday snow day



Averi would touch the snow or icy water then cry because here hands were cold. She didn’t understand what was making them cold.

It wasn’t good packing snow so the big kids and Jim had a snowball fight. Thomas had been asking since December when it was going to snow so he was so excited for the snow and the 2 snow days from school!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

That was a quite a weekend. It looks like it might do it again this weekend.

I love how bright your pictures are. Snow pictures are the best.

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