Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We have a wonderful library here in our little town. We go to story time every week and the kids love it. The librarians do a great job and make it so much fun for the kids. Santa came to visit the library on Monday so we went for Family Home Evening. I was happy it was a “real Santa” Kaylee went first and hopped right up on his lap. She asked for Bob the Builder toys, Can you tell she has 2 brothers?

DSC_0078 edit

Matthew went next and talked up a storm. I couldn’t hear everything he was asking for, but I’m pretty sure it involved Star Wars and Legos. I love this picture of him and Santa looking at each other.


Next up was Thomas, he got a little flustered and couldn’t remember  what he wanted so he told Santa he would send him a letter.


DSC_0083 editAveri went last and did not want to get on Santa’s lap. She wasn’t too upset until Jim took her pacifier away. She really let it out after that!


Not a fan of Santa!


We got Thomas and Kaylee to get in the shot, but Averi didn’t care. Matthew was done too and so we didn’t get a shot with all 4 kids.

DSC_0094 edit

DSC_0095 edit

They wanted a picture with Charlie Brown and Lucy, Averi had calmed down also!


They all had to have a turn on the kids computers


After the library we went to the County Square. They have some fun things set up there.DSC_0106



It was a fun night and helped us get in the Christmas Spirit!

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Michelle said...

Those are great pictures, Marji! I love how down to earth you are and not uptight about not getting all four kids in one picture.
You are awesome.
(We LOVED that french bread by the way. It was gone way too fast! :) Thanks again!)

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