Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boise...the last day!

(This is my 301st post! Wow!!)
This is from our final day in Boise. Some friends in the ward had this cool barrel train that they lent to the Anderson's for the reunion. The kids all loved it and rode it multiple times. I took lots of pictures.


Matthew had a lot of fun with Kyle.
Maddy held Kaylee's hand when she got a little scared.
Matthew had fun doing the tug-of-war with the big kids

Here's all the people that were at the reunion. I think there were over 90 people there!

The boys had to do the hot tub one last time with Seth on Saturday.

We had a wonderful time in Boise. The kids loved all of their cousins and had the best time and were sad to leave them behind. Thomas understands that we won't be going back for a while and really didn't want to leave. Thanks for the fun trip to all of our Boise family. We miss you!!!


Carolee said...

Love all the pics...I'm soooo glad you guys were able to come! It was so great!!!! We loved spending some time with you guys! We miss you too!

Andrea said...

That train looks like so much fun.

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