Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boise part 4

Friday morning we had breakfast and then played Minute to Win It. Cathy and Melanie had planned it and Thomas was SOOOO EXCITED!!! He loves to watch it and he would plan little minute to win it games for Kaylee & Matthew this summer.  As you can see from the pictures he was excited to be able to stack the apples.
Averi enjoyed the bounce house with Mallory while everyone was playing the game.
Friday night we all headed out to the Burch's for dinner and the family auction. Jake brought his cotton candy machine and we were all in heaven! The kids LOVED that they could just go and get a huge cotton candy when they felt like it and Jake made them BIG! I had forgotten how good FRESH cotton candy yummy!
Aaron, trying to tackle his super big cotton candy.
Kaylee loved the pink!
Matthew preferred the blue

and Averi was just happy to have some too!

Jason was the auctioneer, he did a great job and it was fun to bid on things to raise money for the next reunion.

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