Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaylee & Matthew!

Kaylee & Matthew turned THREE years old yesterday! It is hard to believe that they are 3, they seem so big to me, especially when I look at pictures when they were born. (You can check out that blog here.) We started the day out with little donuts and candles. We lit the candles twice so they could blow them out twice.  We had a pretty low key day, just normal things and getting ready for the party.
 Matthew gave Averi a donut, she loved it of course! I thought she was really enjoying her pancake and when I got closer realized it was a powdered sugar donut she was enjoying.
 After donuts they watched a show in my bedroom 
We decided to just do a family party this year since we had such a big one last year. We had fajitas and all the fixings for dinner. We brought the picnic table in for the kids to eat on; it was about 103 degrees yesterday and 112 was how it felt, so we didn't want them to have a heatstroke outside! 
The Adults table: Grandpa & Grandma DeVaux, Os & Dollie and Joe & JP. 
 Kaylee & Matthew excited for their presents!
Kaylee got lots of fun dolls and princess things, just what every little girl wants! 
 Matthew got  Star War toys, a water blaster and army men.
I didn't get a good shot of the cupcakes. We went with Sam's club and they did half  Dora and half Cars for us!
The kids loved the cupcakes of course! 
 Grandma DeVaux helping Kaylee open her Jessie doll. Grandma gave Kaylee the outfit she is wearing, she was so excited about it she stripped down after opening presents and put it on, she is such a girl!
 Anna and Averi, their just a few weeks apart and so cute! 
 Me with Kaylee and Matthew-I had Jim take a picture after everyone left, I'm always behind the camera so I have to remember to have Jim get me in pictures occasionally!
We love you Kaylee & Matthew, you have made our life so exciting, there is never a dull moment when you two are around!


Michelle said...

I love how you started their b-day at breakfast. My kids would love that!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun birthday. Happy Birthday Matthew & Kaylee! They grow up so fast.

Crysta said...

How fun! I can't believe they are 3! Wanna plan three birthdays for me that happen to all be next month?

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