Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Kaylee..she is such an interesting little girl. She has a lot going on in her head.  She is a big helper to me, when she wants to be. If you cross her she stays mad for a while. Jim calls her the silent assassin because she will just destroy a room in a matter of minutes for no good reason! She will just go and dump all the toy bins out because she can.  Kaylee is all girl and loves all things pink and princess; but she can be as rough and tumble as her brothers.  Her nursery teachers in Trophy Club said if she got pushed or hit, she'd just hop back up and go on with what she was doing (she's not afraid to push back). She loves to take care of her dolls and sometimes I think she thinks Averi is one of her dolls.  Averi is quick to let Kaylee know she doesn't want to be carried around.  Kaylee loves to draw, paint and color. She is a little artist and she is a LEFTY. (My mom and Jim's mom are both lefties). She has a big ole stubborn streak in her. When I was trying to take pictures of her, she wouldn't look at me or smile for anything! I still got a few good shots despite the fact she didn't want to cooperate with me.
Like this one...I asked her to smile and she stuck her tongue out!
She is very resourceful, if she's hungry she makes her own PB&J (I don't think Thomas can even do that yet!)
I don't know what she is doing in this picture! I asked her to look at me and this is what I got!
I love her profile, her cute little nose and the chubby little face that still has some baby fat on it. She is growing up too fast!
This is one of my favorite shots that I got of her.
Kaylee we are so happy to have you in our family, you add so much spice to our lives!
We love you!


Danielle said...

I love the silent assassin stuff. She sounds like her own little person. I also love the flower in her hair. Don't be surprised if you see me copy that on Elly.

Andrea said...

Cute post. She is beautiful. I love that she can make her own sandwich.

Carolee said...

Oh my, she is so cute. great pics--Jake and I love the bottom one where she's looking down. She sounds like quite the character. Can't wait to see her in a few days!

Kenny & Brittany said...

She is stinkin adorable! Cute little girl. My favorite is the one with her tongue out. Hope you guys are doing good!

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