Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pioneer Day Fun!

My parent's ward had a big Pioneer Day party Saturday evening so we went to Hot Springs for it.  The church is on a big hill and they did a slip and slide down the hill. I told the kids about it and they were so excited for it.  It wasn't set up when we first got there so we spent some time doing inside activities in the air conditioning. When the slip and slide was finally ready to go we got the kids changed and got in line for it. The first time down scared them pretty good. They put soap on it so you slide faster. If you click on the pictures you can seem them bigger, I got some great "scared" faces. Thomas was pretty concerned, but after he got to the bottom, he loved it and went again and again!
I don't think Matthew was scared at all. He is our little daredevil.
Poor Kaylee was scared right after she started going down. She only did it the one time. She enjoyed watching her brothers and the other kids go down.

I just love Matthew's smile, when he is happy it just lights up a room!
I love this shot of Thomas and Matthew, they are such cute brothers!

Here's a good one of Ada Belle, she actually looked at the camera! She's got such pretty blue eyes!
Silly Little Oscar
Averi loves her Uncle Oscar!
It is so nice to be able to just run to Hot Springs for an evening with the family. They served a delicious brisket dinner with all the fixins. A great way to celebrate the Pioneers!


Nicole said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. I'm so glad you guys are closer to family, I love any holidays when family gets together. Those pictures are great!

Andrea said...

How fun. I love the pictures and how you captured their faces.

Michelle said...

Your waterslide pictures turned out so great! What a fun activity!

Andrea said...

looks like FUN!

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