Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Home Evening

We love our backyard, it is especially nice in the evening because we get so much shade from the house. On Monday night the kids were enjoying playing outside so Jim thought it would be fun to do our lesson outside. It was great, the kids just sat at the picnic table or on their big wheels and we had a quick lesson. 
We like to use the Gospel Art book since our kids are so small. Jim did a lesson on reverence during prayers and showed pictures of people being reverent.
Our kids have a hard time with that a lot, they turn into monkeys when we try to say family prayers or they all start fighting over whose turn it is to pray! They've done a little better this week after the lesson.
Averi just loves being outside so she was very happy.

After the lesson they got to enjoy the nice weather before bedtime.
Just a cute shot of Averi's little bum crawling.


Julie said...

We love using the gospel art book too. I think kids need the visuals. We have that same slide too!

Andrea said...

Good Job Capturing the little moments. I love it.

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