Monday, July 19, 2010


This is the 2nd time we went swimming at our neighborhood pool, the first time I forgot my camera!
Averi loves swimming!

It is a great pool, nice and big and we love the zero entry!
Jim and the kids
Averi would stick her hands in the water and then suck the water off of her hands. She just had a blast at the pool!
I have the 3 older kids signed up for private swimming lessons in a couple of weeks. There is a lady in the neighborhood that teaches them at the pool. She'll teach Matthew and Kaylee together and Thomas on his own. I'm very excited for them to learn how to swim so I can maybe take them during the day on my own and not be so scared about them drowning. Matthew and Kaylee are much more daring and keep Jim and I on our toes to make sure they keep their head above water!

Here's a short video of Averi swimming :)


Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Averi is a little fish!

Nicole said...

So cute, what a nice pool.

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