Monday, April 19, 2010

Downtown Hot Springs

Saturday morning we took the kids downtown. When I was a kid we would always go feed the pigeons stale popcorn from the theater on the promenade. So we got some bread from my mom and headed downtown. It was quiet for a Saturday because everyone was at Oaklawn for the big horse race.  Jim had to carry Averi's stroller up the stairs, lucky it is light and there weren't too many of them!
This was Jim's first time on the promenade too. It is such a nice walk, the kids loved just running and looking at the hot springs coming out of the ground.  Sadly there were no pigeons to be found anywhere! I guess they got rid of them. The kids enjoyed the bread for a snack We went down at Arlington Park and the kids got to touch the hot springs and put their feet in the water. They were suprised at how hot the water was! We walked back down Central Avenue and went to a fun toy store that had all kinds of unique toys. The kids loved it, of course they each got to pick out a toy.

Kaylee found another rock to climb!

My dad got a new red lawn mower, here's a shot of him trying it out.

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