Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Averi- 4 (1/2) Month Stats

Averi had her 4 month Dr.'s appointment yesterday. She is grown and making good progress. Here are her 4 (1/2) month stats:
Weight 13.3 lbs (51%)
Height 25.3 inches (95%)
Head 15 (2%) she has a really small head. I don't remember what the other kids head stats were, I'll have to look it up. The Dr. wasn't too concerned about it though.

Here she is "swimming"
A cute picture of Averi and Thomas, he just adores her! Her eyes look really blue in this picture, mabye it is the blue in the blanket.
Kaylee had to get in on the action too!
And here's Matthew, cute as ever
This video is of Averi talking and doing her swimming.


Michelle said...

So cute!! All my babies have 10-15% heads, all their brains seem ok :) She is tall! I love finding out the dr. visit stats. It's fun to compare them to the other kiddos!

D.A. Hale said...

Darling kids!

Cathy said...

She's just so darn cute! I bet mom got that shirt for her? She gave Mallory one just like it! And I think they are about the same size. At Mallys 6 mo appt she was 13# 14oz, 25.5" long, and head 42cm (don't know what that is in inches!). Although I DO remember Zacks head was 14.5" when he was BORN!!! ;)

I can't wait for you guys to come (I hope you'll still be able to, despite the new job!!!). It'll be fun for the babes to play together!

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