Monday, April 19, 2010

Garvin Gardens

We went to Hot Springs a coupld of weeks ago to visit my parents. We hadn't been since July so the kids were so excited to be at Grandma's house. On Friday we went to Garvin Gardens. It was so much fun. Os, Little Os & Ada Belle joined us and we had fun hanging out with them. The kids loved feeding the fish in the little pond and just exploring.
This is in front of the kids cave. It was so fun to climb in the cave and go up a hole to the top. Thomas did it about a million times. He said it was his favorite place ever. I think we'll be going back anytime we go to Hot Springs!
Averi napping in her stroller
Matthew & Little O in the cave
The little path up to the top of the cave
Kaylee loved climbing the rocks, she had no fear!

The peacock, he started squawking at us and scared the kids
Thomas telling us which way to go
Thanks Grandma for taking us to such a fun place!

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