Monday, March 8, 2010

More on Averi

I ordered this vinyl monogram for Averi's room, but i didn't want to put it on the wall because I want to paint the walls sometime so I bought a canvas and put it on that.
I had to buy an 18x18 canvas to fit the monogram, but it had lots of extra white space so I painted a border around the edges to match the bedding. The vinyl didn't go on the canvas very easily, it took a while to get it to stick, but I think it looks good. Now I need to order one for Kaylee!

We pulled the excersaucer out for Averi this weekend. She enjoys the different view of things.  She really likes to stand up so she likes that she can stand up in the exersaucer. She has also discovered her tongue. She sticks it out constantly, it is a cute little tongue!

Thomas went to a Star Wars birthday party for his friend Scotty on Saturday. Karen, Scotty's mom, made all the boys these cool star wars vests. Needless to say it is worn a lot by Thomas and Matthew, I think I'm going to have make Matthew one too!


Nicole said...

That Star Wars vest is so cute. Averi is getting so big, she is a cutie. That A above her bed looks great!

Carolee said...

Averi is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the vinyl A in her room. So fun!

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