Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BYU Basketball

BYU played TCU on Saturday, tickets were pretty cheap so we decided to take the whole the family. We were right behind the band and Thomas and Matthew thought it was too loud so they would cover their ears.

Kaylee on the other hand didn't think it was loud enough so she screamed to add to the noise.
Averi did pretty good, she cried at first because of the noise, then she got used to it and just jumped at really loud noises. We got lots of looks because of our 4 small kids even though there were more BYU fans than TCU fans there.
Me and my girls
Kaylee and her evil look, Matthew was cheering for BYU
Thomas was pretty tired from a busy day of soccer and a birthday party, he really didn't like the noise and kept his ears covered most of the game.
BYU started out slow and then got a huge lead. It was fun to watch them in action. We left the game early and went and got ice cream at Braums. It was a fun family night!


Meredith said...

Behind the band sounds like perfect spot! I can see why the kids thought it was loud though! ;) What a fun family outing!

Angela said...

I like your hair cut and color. Did you do the color or get it done? Mine is this weird red brown right now! Poop!

Averi is soooo cute!!!

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