Monday, March 8, 2010

Playroom Clean-up & Organizing

We bought this trofast system from Ikea last fall for the playroom, we kind of organized toys but I never got pictures on all the bins so it never lasted. Saturday Jim and I tackled the upstairs and got it all cleaned and organized and it is sooo nice. The kids like playing upstairs when everything is put away. I took pictures of all the bins, then printed them out and put them on the front of the bins. They can look at the pictures and know what they are looking for and it makes clean up easier.  We also boxed up some of the toys and put them in the attic to give them a break from them. When we pull them out, in a few weeks it is like Christmas with new toys!

so nice and clean! I love it this way!
The bins with the labels. I have one blank one for assorted junk.

The "Sports Room" our media room makes a great playroom for the big sports and big tables.

Now we just have to keep it all clean!


Haley said...

This totally speaks my language! I love it!!!

Nicole said...

That looks awesome! I love when things are put away nice. It's funny when we have friends over and they try to help clean up the kids have to tell them that they didn't put it away in the right place. I may have to steal that idea and take pictures so people know where things go.

Baileys said...

I love that bin system!! Very nice and organized!

Cathy said...

What a fun room! I love the colors of the bins, and the big windows are awesome!

Carolee said...

Looks great, Marji!!

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