Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thomas is 5!!

Thomas had his 5th birthday last week! I can't believe he is 5 years old. He is such a sweet boy, I feel so blessed to be his mom. It seems like just yesterday he was born and we were enjoying our  first Christmas with a sweet little baby. My how time flies. Now we have 4 kids, which is hard to believe!
First Family Picture with Thomas
For his birthday we let him open his presents from us in the morning. Kaylee and Matthew got in on the action and helped him. He got a Breakfast on a Bun from Whataburger for breakfast. We had a fun day celebrating his birthday.
We had a party for him on Saturday at Pump it Up. He had lots of friends come. It was a blast! It was nice for me because I didn't have to do anything, just show up with the cake and of coures pay the bill! He got some great presents from his friends. It was a super fun morning!

The kids had so much fun on all the bounce houses


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Thomas! It looks like he had a great day. They grow up so fast.

Cathy said...

Jim looks so young!!!!

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