Monday, December 14, 2009

Going Home

So we've been home a week now. We left the hospital last Monday. Here's a few pictures of Averi before we left the hospital. She is so tiny in her carseat!

She loves the pacifier so far. I think it is so cute when she holds on to it. It is so big it covers most of her pretty face!

The kids were so excited for us to come home! They had balloons and a welcome home sign for us. Everyone was excited to hold Averi.

Kaylee loves her little sister. Every morning when we wake up and come out to the family room, Kaylee runs to sit by me on the couch and wants to hold Averi. She is a sweet big sister!

Matthew has taken to climbing on the changing table and acting like a baby. I guess it is his way of coping with having Averi around.

My mom left Friday, It was so nice to have her here for a week. There is no way we could have survived with out her!  We love you and miss you Grandma, glad you're coming next week!

Sweet little Averi, she is a good baby! She sleeps a lot and only is waking up twice a night. I forgot how easy one baby is, compared to having twins! We had my friend Erica come and take somen pictures of Averi and the family so I'm excited to get those and share them. It was so nice having her come to the house and not haul everyone to a studio. She was great with Averi and all of our little crazies!


Danielle said...

I was wondering how one baby would seem after twins. I love the pacifier picture.

Melissa said...

Oh I long for the days of only one baby! I wouldn't trade my twins, but one baby is definetely easier.
Averi is so pretty!

Melanie said...

Darling pics. Thanks so much for sharing! I was also wondering how one baby would be for you! Glad it's seems easier, even with three other little ones!!!

Andrea said...

She is beautiful! how exciting to have her home. I looks like you are both doing well. I hope you are feeling well after the c-section.

I love the pic of Mathew on the changing table!

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