Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 9

Today we learned the Edge Burn technique, you make the center lighter and the edges are darker. It is pretty easy to do, but didn't love doing it. I might just have to play around with it a little more. This is Matthew and Kaylee at 3 months. I forgot how cute and chubby they were!

I think the edge burn is more noticeable on the color picture below. It is a lot darker on top than bottom. This is when I was about 7 months pregnant with the twins. Brandy was pregnant with her twins too, but you can't tell next to big ole me :)
I've had lots of people ask about the class I'm doing. It was available on www.jessicasprague.com. It is a free class, but is no longer available. Hopefully she'll do something like it again! There are a number of free tutorials on her website and lots of great ideas so check it out! There are a lot of free downloads too so that is always fun! I am hooked on on-line classes now and trying to decide what I want to do next, probably photography so I can learn how to use my SLR camera better.

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