Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things I'm Grateful For...

My sister-in-law Cathy has been posting things she's grateful on her blog so I thought I would copy her and do the same. I can't believe that it is November already and that Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! This year has flown by!
I am thankful for my cute little family. Most of you know that it took us many years and lots of medical treatments to get our kids. Sometimes we wondered if we would ever get pregnant. I'm so grateful that we live in a time that these medical miracles are possible, otherwise we probably would not have our three kids. I feel so blessed that Jim's job had insurance that covered all of our infertility treatments and that we found such wonderful Doctor's to help us. Being a mom isn't always easy, but everyday I look at my kids and think of what a miracle they are and I'm so grateful for them.
Along that note, I'm grateful for my friends. I've been blessed with so many wonderful friends, but Brandy & Denise are probably some of the best friends I've ever had. Denise, Brandy and I struggled to have kids. We all went through a lot of the same medical treatments and crazy ups and downs. We've talked about shots, hormones, hcg levels and egg quality. It really helped me a lot to have friends that understood what I was going through and could cry with me or laugh with me. We all have kids now and it is fun to trade ideas and tell each other stories about our kids and all the projects we wished we had time for but now take a back seat to being a mom. We don't live by each other anymore but we talk and email and keep up with each other's blogs. Thanks for being great friends!

This was our knitting hats phase...we all have way more knitted hats than we need living in such warm climates but they are so fun and easy to make!

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The Hatches said...

For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot about you and Brandy. I miss you both so much and wish we could be closer to share our "families" with each other. I am very happy and glad, though, that we had all those years together. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I needed it:)

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