Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween & My Birthday

So my birthday is on Halloween. When I was little my Grandpa DeVaux told my cousins, Jack, Travis & Marcie, that I was a witch because I was born on Halloween. They of course believed him and I think they were a little scared of me. I always had "Halloween" themed birthday parties. I think for my 9th birthday my mom rented the "Thriller" video and we watched that and I had a slumber party. When I would go trick or treating I would tell people it was my birthday so sometimes I would get extra candy which was nice. I don't really like that my birthday is on Halloween, but there's not anything I can do about it so we just deal with it :)
Jim gave me a few presents when I woke up bright and early with the kids.

Thomas was very excited for my birthday. He was really cute. Jim took him shopping Thursday night and he came home saying he had a secret but couldn't tell me because it was going to be a surprise. Christmas is going to be fun this year! I got adobe photo shop elements so any of you have tips on how to use it would be greatly appreciated because I have no idea what I'm doing!

For dinner we had pizza and Jim got me this big cake from Costco. It was yummy and we still have tons left so if anyone needs any more sugar after all the Halloween treats let me know!

After we ate we got the kids dressed in their costumes. Thomas was a Ninja. He said, "Danger!" after he got his costume on and his ninja sword out.
Kaylee was Minnie Mouse. She loved her costume. She is such a girl. After she got it on, I said, Oh Kaylee, you look so pretty and she smiled and twirled around! How do girls know to do that. I've never twirled for her or shown her how to do it.Matthew did not want to wear his Mickey ears or take a picture. This is the best one I got. I need to photo shop Jim out I guess.
Almost the 3 kids...Matthew just wanted to climb up the stairs.
In the wagon ready to go! Notice Matthew ripping his ears off
We just stayed in our neighborhood. This area is older so there weren't a ton of kids but we had fun. The wagon was great. Thomas loved ringing the doorbells & saying "Trick or Treat!" We were gone for about an hour then went home to answer the door. We had maybe 15 kids come.
After trick-or-treating...

Breaking out the candy
Kaylee carrying her bag around.
Thomas loved handing the candy out.

Matthew with his bag of candy. He walked around the house dragging his bag, pulling candy out trying to open it up. When he couldn't open up a piece he would just drop it and get another piece. There was a cute trail of candy from him.
Me & Kaylee, she's tyring to get me to open some candy for her.

Over all it was a fun Halloween and a fun birthday for me! We got a sitter Saturday night and went out to dinner and I got to do a little shopping which is always fun!


Carolee said...

Hey Marji! I thought about you lots on Halloween! I'm glad it was a fun day. The kids are so cute! I love the Mickey and Minnie Mouse idea. Happy late birthday! Love ya.

Clare said...

The kids' outfits are so cute! Next year the twins should be Daisy and Donald Duck :)

Jen T. said...

What cute kids!! I love their costumes. I can't wait to see them again at Christmas. They will be HUGE!!

Natalie Daines said...

Hope your birthday was happy! I was thinking about you. You look great and your kids are darling!

The Hatches said...

OK, I thought we did good in having Brittany keep on her headband! How did you get Kaylee to leave on her ears?!

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