Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Home Evening

This is our attempt at Family Home Evening. It is quite the fun time trying to get the kids to sit still and pay attention. Thomas likes to lead the music and Kaylee and Matthew have to help him, of course. I had to edit it because it was too big to post here, so it is the opening song. Enjoy!



Trish said...

I think with FHE it's all about the effort! I like your fireplace, it makes a nice little stage

Carolee said...

I love it! Ha! Our FHE's are crazy, too. It's going better now than it used to, and the kids always remind us to do it! So consistency is the key. And of course the activity (like hide and seek or a game...) and the treat are their favorite parts!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh so cute! I love reading about your family, your kids are so precious and FHE will change every week (or month :)) so enjoy each one!

Michelle said...

That looks like our house!! We have been doing a lot of acting out stuff- like stranger danger, being reverent during the sacrament, how to act when the home teachers come, ect. Lacy and Lena love it! Logan is usually playing in the pots and pans, Lena is in and out, but Lacy is way into it!

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