Thursday, October 30, 2008


We finally carved our pumpkins last night. Thomas would not put his hand in to get the guts out. I (Marji) had to do most of the work. We bought one of those kits, but it was kind of a pain so we only used it for one of the pumpkins. The other one is old school.

Thomas was very excited to light the candles with the "fire stick" He kind of has a crazed look in his eyes :)
Jim & Thomas with our 2 pumpkins.

Me & Thomas
He had to blow out the candles before we went in.
We went to the pumpkin patch one last time today. Thomas didn't go because had school, but I met Brandy and her kids there. We hadn't seen them in probably a month and I think our kids were excited to see each other. Brandy got much better pictures than I did so you'll have to check her blog out sometime to see them :). Matthew & Kaylee were happy to see the pumpkins and tried to pick the big ones up, but they couldn't. We hung out there for a little while then went back to my house for lunch and playtime. It was a fun day!

Double, Double Trouble with 2 sets of twins!
We bought this wagon last week & the kids love it. I decided it would be easier than the stroller at the pumpkin patch and it worked really well. Matthew is trying to pull Kaylee.

Kaylee & Matthew were obsessed with Brandy's stroller. I guess they missed theirs. Kaylee had to sit in the front and then Matthew would push her around.

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