Monday, November 24, 2008

A few random shots

I had hoped to do more "things I'm grateful for" posts, but life just gets busy. I'm grateful that we are so close to Jim's office that he can home for lunch and bring me my favorite Chick-fil-A. He doesn't come everyday, just about once a week, but it is a nice treat for all of us! The kids love to see him during the day and so do I. He works so hard and I am so grateful for him! Matthew loves nuggets
Kaylee with a full mouth as usual.Thomas cheesing it up.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see my friend Marsha and her new little twins Samantha and Weston. The "Little Mama" came out in Kaylee. She loved Weston and kept taking him toys. It was really cute. We had fun meeting her babies and visiting for a little while.

I can't believe it is the week of Thanksgiving. I am so excited to have Thanksgiving here at our house. My mom & dad are coming along with Oscar & Dollie and their kids. Marcie and Jeff are also coming over on Thanksgiving day to eat with us. It is going to be fun. I love food and planning big meals. Dad ordered a smoked turkey from Whole Hog, which is supposed to be to die for. I ordered a spiral cut ham from Red, Hot & Blue; everything there is good so I'm sure the ham will be good too. We have lots of yummy side dishes and desserts planned. It will a day of good eating and fun visiting. For an appetizer I'm making these yummy bacon wrapped Jalapenos.

You can find the recipe here at the Pioneer Woman's blog. This isn't something we usually do at Thanksgiving, but I want to make some so I figured this would be the best time to eat them! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and that you get to eat a lot of yummy food!


Anonymous said...

hey, it's Carolee! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too!!! Sounds like you will have a great time, but we will still miss you!!

Melanie said...

Hope it all turned out great Marji! I bet it was a wonderful day. We missed you guys! Hope you'll plan on Thanksgiving in Idaho in two more years!

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