Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall in Texas

I'm thankful for a beautiful fall in Texas. I love that you can wear shorts and flip-flops or just go barefoot in November. We actually have trees in our backyard now and that means lots of leaves! One day when we were playing out back I decided I'd rake up some leaves. As soon as I would get a little pile the kids would come run through it and kick and throw leaves everywhere. It was really cute and they had a blast. We'll have to leave the raking to when the kids are napping or some other time. Here are some pictures of them having fun in the leaves.

Thomas went and got a bucket to put leaves in. When it was full, he'd dump it out.
Thomas almost got Kaylee in the head with his shovel...luckily he missed her!

Matthew studying a leaf. Look at those long eyelashes!
Here's a little video of the kid having fun with the leaves.


Cathy said...

How funny to see fall leaves and kiddos in shorts. We're all freezin up here, and happy if we have a day in the 50's now. Great pix!

gwen said...

Marji~ I'm so glad to have found all of y'all on facebook and blogs. You're family is beautiful!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

I was just thinking that running in leaves is something that every kid need to experience. Good for are a great mom.

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