Monday, July 21, 2008

A New Bike!

Saturday we went to Toys R Us to look at some toy ideas for the twins 1st birthday and we ended up getting Thomas a bike. He is very excited to have a bike and he's pretty good at riding it.

Matthew was very curious about Thomas's bike.
Weaning the babies is going pretty good. I've been able to cut them down to just about 1 feeding a day. They both wake up once at night and want to nurse but I only feed them for 1-2 minutes so hopefully they will stop waking up all together. I think for them right now it more of a comfort thing than hunger thing.
A good view of Kaylee's teeth
Thomas likes to pull Matthew in his Lego's wagon. Matthew of course loves it!
Sporty Kaylee...Some of her 12 month summer clothes are getting to small so I'm having to buy her a few more things. I thought this was a cute "sporty" outfit.

A video of Thomas on his bike

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