Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Play Dates

Kaylee & Matthew love eating "big people" food. Green beans are a favorite along with mini corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and just about anything else we're eating. They both love spaghetti, but it is so messy I don't feed it too them a whole lot. They are doing better about drinking milk and they aren't crying for me to nurse them as much. I feel so free! It is great. I think we're going to try and leave them with a sitter tomorrow night and go out.

Thomas had Justin over to play yesterday. They spent most of the time outside on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath it. Thomas loved having some to jump and be rough with.

Of course all this hard playing worked up quite the big appetite and they didn't want to come in so they had graham crackers & grapes for a snack on the swing, then they had some corn dogs for lunch. They thought it was pretty cool they got to eat outside.

Kaylee & Matthew of course wanted to be out with the boys. They had to settle with watching them from the window. The boys would make faces and talk to them so K & M had fun too.
Kaylee has just enough hair on the back of her head for me to put a bow in. I was pretty excited, it actually stayed in for about 3 hours. She doesn't keep the headbands on anymore so I have to settle for these little bows. Brandy & I met up at the mall today for lunch and a little shopping. Carter got very excited when he saw Matthew he just started smiling & laughing, it was very cute. Of course I didn't catch it on camera.
Kaylee & Matthew had fun in the play area. They are finally big enough that they can climb on things. They loved this little double slide.
Notice the bow in Kaylee's hair. She wasn't as adventuresome as her brother, she'd climb up then climb back down.
Matthew loved the slide. He liked to go down head first, which scared me a little, but he'd just laugh and climb up again.

When we were driving home they were in the best mood. I looked in the mirror & they were holding hands, so cute! I had to get a picture of it. I think it turned out pretty good for me not even looking at the camera (since I was driving).


Cathy said...


Lovin the bow!!

Melissa said...

So sweet!

Andrea said...

very fun! nice to catch up with you.

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