Friday, July 18, 2008

Lots of fun things!

Sorry I haven't done a post for a while. We have been super busy with showings and I just haven't had the time! We've had 17 showings in 3 weeks, including 3 second showings. We've gotten 1 offer, but it was $20,000 less than our asking price, plus they wanted us to leave all of our furniture & our appliances (fridges & w/d)! Needless to say we didn't take that offer. We countered and we'll see if what happens. We're still not sure where we will go when we sell our house but know we'll figure it out when the time comes. Now here's some pictures of our cute kids, the reason any one comes to look at our blog :)
Carolee, I tried to get cute pix of them in the onesies you got for us in England, but they wouldn't sit still, maybe it's because we were on the trampoline :). I'll have to get some better pictures another day. They are really cute and They have sayings on the bum. Kaylee's says: Way Out & Matthew's says: Avoid the Gap. They love to get on the trampoline with Thomas. We try to do it early in the morning before it gets too hot and while we have a little shade. They are getting braver and try to stand up and bounce a little.

Here's a picture of Thomas. He's getting so big. Lately he has been praying for Sherman to come back. He said he'll come down from Heaven on a ladder and play with him again. (Sherman was our dog who died in Dec. 2006) He really wants a pet. I told him we'd get him a fish when he's potty trained. We'll see when that happens!
Teeth!! Matthew now has 4 teeth, 2 on top & 2 on bottom. He looks so grown up with teeth.
Kaylee has 2 on the bottom.
With all the showings we have to be out of the house a lot! I heard about this cool play area at the Willow Bend mall so we went over there last Saturday. Matthew & Kaylee loved it. It is more suited for babies so it was a perfect way to kill some time.
You can see Thomas in the blue shirt in the background. He had fun too. It has a squishy floor so he loved running around and acting like he was on an "obstacle" course.

Kaylee has really taken off on the walking. She can walk farther than Matthew even though he's been walking longer. I have a couple of cute videos of them taking steps. I can't believe they will be a year in 2 weeks! Time sure flies!! I haven't even gotten their birthday invitations stamped yet!


Cathy said...

Congratulations on all the showings! I think poor Carolee has only had a few (or less!). Be greatful the market is better there than here! Our home value has dropped by $75K in the past year. I can't beleive the people wanted your FURNITURE too!?!?!?! Weird!

I'm lovin the walking! My kids are never brave enough to even try at this age! They are just so beautiful!!! All three of them!

Melissa said...

So cute! Good luck with the house sale! They low balled you AND asked for the furtiture and appliances? That takes guts!

mom said...

Marji, your children are adorable. Aren't twins fun? You can certainly tell all your kids are part DeVaux....I also love your choice of music.

mom said...

Marji I didn't realize my blog would come up with "Mom". This is Llewellyn Webster. I guess I need to change my sign in name.

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